Holistic Massage


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€70 - 1 Hour €100 - 90 mins

Holistic massage is a natural method of treatment that aims to correct the emotional, physical and mental being of an individual. Not many people know about the immense benefits of this massage. You might be surprised to hear, but holistic massage treats a number of different health conditions and is great for mental and emotional healing as well. The uses of this massage pile up one after the other. Here we present some of the major uses of this massage that are sure to convince you to try one for yourself too.

Muscle tension

Holistic practitioners have learned the contours of the different muscles in the body which allows them to manipulate and correct them as they please. This helps to reduce muscular tension and soreness from such common areas as the face, the neck or any other part of the body.

Relieves joint stiffness

Joint problems are common among the population. There are a lot of causes of this problem, however, all of them can be fixed by a specialized massage. The practitioner moves the joints and applies specific maneuvers to correct the position and the movement of the joint. The kneading movement promotes blood flow and lymph drainage which help detoxify the area as well. This promotes rapid healing and increased mobility, curing you of the joint pain that wouldn’t go with conventional medicines.

Improves digestion

Holistic massage has means of improving the circulation of the body. This ensures abundant blood supply to the gut and helps improve digestion. Plus, its ability to milk the lymphatics and increasing its flow is also beneficial for promoting digestion and absorption from the intestine.

Improves mental performance

The calming experience is great for the mind as well. Holistic massage helps remove mental fatigue and improves clarity and concentration. Thanks to its detoxicating and stress relieving effects, it also helps promote a sense of wellness in the person.

Relieves anxiety

Holistic massage is a wholesome means of escaping the stress and anxiety of daily life. The massage and the environment, both work wonders for your mind, body, and soul that leaves you fresh and much more balanced than ever before. Your emotions are settled, your stress is dissipated, it’s like a load is lifted from your body so that you can start off your life refreshed.

All these effects emphasize how beneficial holistic massage is for your body. Why not get a luxurious, relaxing massage to get rid of the daily troubles? Treat yourself to some wholesome relaxation and avail the benefits of the holistic massage. Trust us, your body will thank you for it.