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Maderotherapy is a holistic massage technique derived from Columbia. Maderotherapy is one of the most popular anti-cellulite therapy around the world. 

The technique uses anatomically designed wooden tools to improve and contour the size and shape of the body. The instruments are carefully designed and engraved in such a way as to allow for targeted pressure on problem areas of the body, such as the legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms. 

The combination of these specific tools, and the techniques applied, intensifies the breakdown of fat deposits, fluid retention and fibrous cellulite, eliminating them naturally along with other toxins via the lymphatic drainage process. 

It is important to note that Maderotherapy is more than a contouring therapy or anti-cellulite treatment as both of these outcomes are a result of the lymphatic drainage that takes place. 

To this end, the client must be committed to follow aftercare instructions to enhance their results. Your therapist will advise you on exact after care requirements which will usually involve (but not be limited to) water intake and diet. 

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Maderotherapy?

Post-Surgical Clients

This therapy is an excellent choice for those following cosmetic or medical surgery. Maderothearpy can be used to treat scarring and improve the tone and texture of the superficial layers of tissue and skin. Scars are formed when damage occurs to the body’s internal and external tissues and as part of this process the natural healing and building of collagen fibres occurs resulting in the formation of a scar, which can often look aesthetically displeasing. 

Wood therapy will decrease the process of scarring by breaking down, loosening and realigning the collagen fibres. As surgery causes damage to the lymph vessels surrounding the tissues of the affected area, the body’s natural response is to produce clear fluid and this translates to pain and swelling and sometimes the formation of seromas. Maderotherapy will activate the lymphatic drainage system and drastically improve fluid retention quickly, allowing for a reduction in pain and a greater level of mobility in the body.

For those following cosmetic surgery, Maderotherapy will treat disproportionate and uneven skin that often leads to a ‘lumpy’ texture of the skin following many contouring surgeries such as liposuction or abdominoplasty. Specific tools, such as the Swedish cup will not only shape and contour your waist but will visibly reduce the level of swelling and fluid retention after just one session. For clients following surgery, a better result will be achieved if treatment is initiated shortly after your operation and ideally within the first 14 days. 

Clients suffering from cellulite & fluid retention 

Wood therapy is also an extremely effective treatment for cellulite which is the dreaded dimply appearance of the skin that is most common in women and often affects the legs, thighs and buttocks. Cellulite and fat deposits are caused by our genetic make up, hormonal changes, insufficient water intake and activity, improper diet and the natural ageing process. Cellulite tissues form on the connective tissues within our bodies and as they grow, protrude through the deeper layers of skin resulting in the bumpy effect that we see on the outer surface on the skin.

Through fast and dynamic movement, Maderotherapy, will breakdown cellulite and tone and tighten the skin and reduce inches from your legs, buttocks and waist. It does so by disintegrating fat cells together with enlarged superficial fat cells and pushes them towards the lymphatic system which has fluid in its lymphatic veins. This process ends via the excretory system. There are varying cellulite types and to differing degrees. Your therapist will assess what stage your cellulite is at and following this can advise upon techniques used, and number and frequency of recommended sessions. 

Benefits of Maderotherapy:

  • Breaks down and eliminates cellulite
  • Softens collegen fibres
  • Reduces scarring following surgery
  • Eliminates toxins and speeds up circulation 
  • Activates the digestive system and the lymphatic drainage system 
  • Results in inch loss 
  • Reduces fluid retention 
  • Improves skin tone and uneven skin and tightens the skin 
  • Lifts buttocks and contours waist 
  • Increases tissue elasticity and vasodilation 

OUR Treatment prices
& PACKAGE Options

Why not take a look at some of our great package offers? Our offers are here to aid you in choosing the right treatment at an affordable price for you.

Maderotherapy Pricing OPtions

TREATMENT OF 1 AREA (40 mins) €60

(One area may include abdomen, legs, buttocks etc)
Please consult with your therapist to determine on areas to be treated and sessions required.

treatment of 2 areas (60 mins) €80

(For example, two areas may include abdomen and arms or legs and buttocks)
Please consult with your therapist to determine on areas to be treated and sessions required.

Treatment of 3 or more areas (80 mins) €100

Full Body Maderotherapy Massage to include abdomen, waist, legs (front and back), buttocks and arms.
Please consult with your therapist to determine on areas to be treated and sessions required.

Package of 6 Treatments 1 area €320


Package of 6 Treatments 2 areas €420


Package of 6 Treatments Full Body €530