"Therapeutic Services, Sports Massage And Holistic Health "

Post Surgical Care

Reduce recovery time, pain, Inflammation & swelling. Receive garment advice & fitting. Option of adding body sculpting techniques which uses latest technology and techniques for your most desired result.

Injury & Pain

Injury diagnosis, Deep Massage, Sports Massage, Cupping Therapy, Neurokinetic Dry Needling, Myofascial Release, Graston Techniques, Neuromuscular Therapy, Exercise Prescription, Bio-Kinetic Taping.

Lymphatic Drainage

Using a range of hands on manual drainage techniques and technology this treatment is a very powerful tool for those suffering with lymphedema, post-operative swelling or those in the process of cleansing or detoxing.

Body Sculpting

Our highly skilled therapists have trained with the leading body contouring specialists in both the US and Europe. We employ a combination of techniques to improve shape, reduce cellulite & tighten skin.

A Little about us

The Remedial Room is an injury and post surgical  centre that caters for everyone. Our clients range from athletes and fitness competitors seeking treatments like sports massage for optimal performance, to those requiring aftercare in their post-surgery recovery and aiming for assistance achieving their most desired result. 

At the Remedial Room, we have been fully trained and certified to work with people who suffer non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, respiratory disease, arthritis and cardio-vascular diseases. For such clients we offer a non-invasive and therapeutic approach aimed at reducing symptoms and increasing range of motion and joint mobility.

As part of our training in Health Exercise Specialties, clients can chose to commit to a full rehabilitation programme or may wish to avail of basic exercise prescription as part of their treatment plan. At the Remedial Room, we like to offer clients a combined approach in treating pain and will often use a variety of therapies and modalities to accelerate their recovery.


Any course of action in treating physical, emotional and mental health will generally involve a multidimensional approach. Discover our wide range of holistic and therapeutic services and the issues we can help you with.

Back Pain

Shoulder Injury

Cellulite Reduction

Scar Management

Surgical Aftercare


Ankle Problems

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Body Sculpting/Contour

Fibrosis Management


Sprains & Strains




Having worked at a desk for 13 years and earning a Masters Degree in a non-related field, Karen decided to retrain at UCD qualifying in Injury & Remedial Therapy after having her second baby. Karen’s love of sports, particularly long distance running, motivated her to pursue her interest (bordering infatuation!) in treating injuries, dysfunction and pain, having dealt with many of her own issues over the years.


During her own rehabilitation journey, Karen felt the benefits of her sports therapy treatment. However, as someone who has also enjoyed the luxury of holistic therapy, felt they lacked that calming and nurturing after-feel. Why the necessity to be treated by different therapists in different fields? Karen set out to change this in her own practice and prides herself on offering a soothing and holistic environment, ensuring her clients not only feel relieved of their painful symptoms but also relaxed and uplifted after their visits. This is what sets Karen aside from similar practitioners in her field. Her approach is all encompassing using therapeutic and holistic techniques to treat the whole body and mind.

Karen started studying in the field of physio-aesthetics in 2019 and has since earned herself an array of qualifications in Ireland, France, the UK and the USA in various body sculpting and contouring techniques from the leading specialists in the field. Karen is extremely passionate about this work and the outcome of her patients results, so much so that when she discovered there was very little options for post-surgical garments in Ireland she dedicated herself to finding the most effective garments and stocking them herself. 

Karen prides herself on being able to recommend and advise on areas of nutrition, scar management and self care and to this end has erected a training portal full of essential resources and learning which has been made accessible to all. 


Our customer reviews are important to us! All feedback we receive from our wonderful clients aids us in building not only a strong relationship but also establishing trust in the community.