Hot Stone Massage Swords


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What to expect?

€65 - 45 Mins €100 - 90 Mins

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Using only the finest basalt stones to massage the body top to toe, this massage will leave you invigorated, refreshed and emotionally grounded. Volcanic stones will penetrate heat deep into the muscles and soft tissues, easing tension and discomfort, eliminating trigger points, reducing swelling and increasing circulation. This type of massage works much deeper into the body than a regular massage.

A hot stone massage is a great choice for those suffering from stress, anxiety or depression as it relaxes the nervous system and stimulates the release of endorphins. It also promotes restorative sleep and is one of the lovely side effects that we hear from our clients time and time again following their treatment. Recent research suggest that a hot stone massage is very beneficial for those with autoimmune disease (like fibromyalgia) as it boosts immune system.

Prepare to float off the bed following this treatment……