Neurokinetic Trigger Point Dry Needling


A LITTLE ABOUT THis service....

What to expect?

€60 - 40 mins

Trigger Point treatment using a top of the range neurokinetic pen for electrical stimulation and enhanced effects.

Dry needling is a treatment used primarily to treat muscle dysfunction. This treatment has been proven to not only alleviate pain immediately but also to normalise and lengthen muscle tissues to their original state.  This method is often used in conjunction with other techniques to optimize a full recovery and/or assist with sporting performance and everyday life. Clients who have a more sedentary lifestyle will also greatly benefit from this technique as muscles may have become weak and shortened due extended periods in the same position.

The needles used are sterile and extremely small (the same size as acupuncture needles) and most people wont feel any sensation upon insertion. Dry needling therapy is most effective when adding electrical stimulation via a neuropen or TENS machine. Clients who feel apprehensive at first, can try the therapy without needle insertion by using the electrical stimulation in isolation with the tip of neuro pen which will involve light pressure directly to the skin to effect the tissues that lie beneath.